Police officer, Barney Doyle, claims that the hit show, ‘Making A Murderer’ is a reputation ruiner. He believes that Steven Avery is guilt of the murder that he is currently serving time for and deserves to be behind bars. He says that the filmmakers “made a mockery of the justice system.”

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Doyle believes that the defense attorney tried to confuse the jury and ignored a lot of the evidence.

“You can’t get mad about that. It’s what they do. It’s like getting mad at my wife’s dog for pooping in the den. It would be nice if she wasn’t a terrible dog, but she is and I know it. It’s my responsibility to close the door and keep her out. It would be nice if defense attorneys weren’t dishonest hucksters trying to confuse jurors into setting dangerous criminals free. But they are and we know it, so it’s our job to close the door on them with thorough investigations and solid cases.”

He goes on to say that the filmmakers are just opportunist.

“You can’t watch that show without feeling like a great injustice occurred in Wisconsin. It did. But it was committed by Demos and Ricciardi, not the criminal justice system.”

Source: Postcrescent