If you havn’t heard, Drake’s most recent feud has been with one of his ghostwriters, Mo-G from Toronto, for not paying the dude for his services rendered. Mo claps back at Drizzy in this hateful new music video “Wiggins”, burning Drake’s signature OVO clothing. Hit the jump.

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It’s a bonfire…turn the lights out! The song is dedicated to Toronto-bred Minnesota Timberwolves small forward Andrew Wiggins and Mo-G is gunning for the “6 god”. Initially Mo accused Drake of not paying him for ghostwriting, than a picture appeared of Mo-G’s face all bloodied signifying Drake & his crew beat him up (not very Drake like) which turned out to be a hoax, and this is how Mo-G is handling the ordeal.

Honestly though…WHATS BEEF nowadays, in 2016 hip-hop? Watch below: