IFWT_Incest Mom And Son

Kim West, 51, and Ben Ford, 31, both confessed to having a romantic relationship with each other, but they are mother and son! NASTY! They both have openly expressed their love for one another and have said that they plan to have children together.

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Instagram | Carli Knox

Kim West gave her son up for adoption when she was 19-years-old. In 2013, Ford got back in contact with his biological mother by sending her a letter. They met in January of 2014 which resulted in Ford divorcing his wife, saying that he could not have sex with her without thinking of his mother. Since opening up about their relationship, both mother and son could be facing some legal troubles.

Both West and Ford live in Michigan where incestuous relationships can result in 15 years in prison and they must register as sex offenders. Due to their confessions about their relationship, authorities are now investigating. The couple is said to be in hiding.

To be honest that is disgusting and I have no further coments. Lol! What are your thoughts? Comment below.

Source: Instagram