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Welp here we go; another basketball player and another cheating scandal.  We had Nick Young cheating on Iggy Azalea, LeBron was accused of jumping in a woman’s DM and this time it involves Shannon Brown who is married to singer Monica.  The two met in June 2010 and married in November 2010. Together they have an adorable daughter, Laiyah Shannon Brown.  They seemed happy but apparently things aren’t going so well.

The woman who chose to remain anonymous, sent gossip site TheIndustryOnBlast, screenshots of Brown DM’ing her on Instagram.

The woman claims Brown flew her out and they engaged in sexual activities for two days.  She also says that’s not the only time they met up, they got together at several different hotels.

According to her, Brown told her that he’s not happy in his marriage and he wanted her to love him because he’s not receiving it at home.  She also claims that he was depressed about his basketball career.

It would make sense since Brown is currently a free agent and last played with the Miami Heat in 2014 before he was waived so they could add Hassan Whiteside (which ended up being a great signing).  Monica on the other hand recently enjoyed the success of her Code Red tour.

Although men often tell their mistresses that they’re not happy in their marriage, rumors have actually been swirling for a while now that both Monica and Shannon are unhappy in the marriage and infidelity has occurred; this is just the first woman to come forward.

The woman claims she’s exposing him because she’s tired of him acting like a good family man.  Cold.

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