Recently, we heard Biggie’s daughter, T’yanna Wallace, sound off on Diddy. She says she was not given any tickets to the Bad Boy reunion concert, nor does Diddy do anything for her of her family. Moment later, that was all cleared up as T’yanna says they had resolved their differences and everything was love. While speaking with Hot97s very own, ‘Ebro in the Morning,’ Diddy got a chance to speak on his side.

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Diddy said he had tickets already lined up for T’yanna.

“I already had tickets set up for the family of course, people were notified but, they didn’t notify her….I called her and let her know that, I love her and..that I know she doesn’t see me all the time… also, I told her…as a man if I ever made you feel like I haven’t checked on you enough, I apologize.”

Diddy went on to say, that keeping a relationship open with Biggie’s daughter is truly important to him. During the interview, he got a chance to touch basis on the Biggie Hologram that will be taking place soon, His youngest son signing to Epic and more.

Check out the full interview below.