IFWT_Warriors 73

The Golden State Warriors began the season with a 24-game win streak before they suffered their first loss.  It became clear that this season they were even better than the last and last season they won the NBA Finals championship.  As the wins piled on, everyone began to wonder if they could beat the best team in history, the 96′ Bulls who finished with 72-10 season.  On Wednesday night, they accomplished that feat.

After losing to the Boston Celtics and Minnesota Timberwolves, people started to think they may fall just short or tie the record; they needed to win their last four games.

The Warriors hit the goal and won their last four games including two against the mighty San Antonio Spurs.  With a commanding 125-104 win over the Memphis Grizzlies, Warriors finished with the new record, a 73-9 season.

They set several other records this season:

  • 73 wins
  • 54 straight home wins
  • 34 road wins
  • 24-0 start
  • 1077 three-pointers
  • Never lost to the same team
  • Never lost back-to-back games

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