Until the past few seasons, it was Ray Allen that was regarded as the best shooter of all time. Other names like Reggie Miller and Larry Bird are always thrown around as well but for the most part the consensus was that Allen was the best. Steph Curry decided to change that argument the past couple years and you can’t deny he has a very strong argument with his play and shooting. In fact, he has Allen ready to sign off on Curry replacing him as the best shooter of all time and with Steph fresh off hitting more than 400 three’s this season, he really has no choice.


“Based on what he’s done, I think he has to be—he’s on his way to being the best ever,” said Allen.

“It’s always arguable, based on who’s telling the story. One thing I always tell people is, it’s hard to compare generations. Everybody has something or somebody that makes him feel special about the game, or the way they saw and the way they appreciate the game. I’ve sat back and watched a lot, and listened to a lot of people talk. He’s creating a lane all of his own. People comparing him to me, to Reggie [Miller]. But I think Steph is in a category of his own. Just being able to have great handles the way he has with the ball, to be able to score at will by getting to the basket. Myself, Reggie Miller, Kyle Korver, Klay Thompson—we play a different game. We’re shooters. We come off screens, pindowns—Steph can do that, but he’s creating a different lane. Point guards haven’t been able to do what he’s been able to do, because he’s mixing that 2 guard-ish in there with having the great handles of a point guard. When I broke the three-point record, they (Steph and Klay) watched that and it became something they said in their mind, this is what I want to do. Now, there are kids watching him, saying I want to work on these things, I want to be just like Steph.”

For now it’s Allen that still holds some records in regards to three pointers but Steph is already re-writing records himself and it won’t be long before he owns them all.