Zach Brown the country Music star was caught up in the middle of a drug bust including 4 other individuals early Friday morning in Florida around 5:30 AM sources say he was let go by police but not only that, it is as if he was never there.

According to police reports, officers received a call to check out a suspicious vehicle in front of the hotel… and ended up arresting the man in the car for possession of more than 30 grams of coke.

The gentleman in the car spoke to police and admitted to being with two other women, so police when upstairs due to suspicion and found 9 others partying. a man was taken into custody for pot and 2 women for possession of cocaine.


Zac was in the room being question by authorities due to the pills and was ask to provide them with a doctor’s RX but heres the where we question…

Sources say the palm beach county police have been contacted and they say that Zac Brown was not in the reports at all… As the report stated there was 3 men and 5 women and the numbers aren’t adding up, who is the missing male??

Chim in folks give us your opinion on this story.. What do you guys think?