Google entered the broadband scene in 2011 when they launched Google Fiber, a high-speed internet and cable service that was available in select cities in the U.S. Now Google is working on a wireless internet service where they plans to beam wireless broadband connectivity directly to homes across America.

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When Google launched Fiber it was very well received by their recipients. This was mostly due to the fact that it offers a better alternative to Comcast, Time Warner Cable, and other internet and cable service providers because of it’s strong internet connection for a reasonable price.

Now Google is aiming even higher as they attempt to compete with established telecommunication giants in the internet and cable market, with their interest in providing exceptional wireless connectivity directly to all homes for a friendlier price than their competitors.

However, Google is not the only one to experiment in expanding innovations to telecommunication. Facebook announced their initiative to put together a wireless internet of their own. The only thing is that Facebook doesn’t want to build or maintain the wireless networks themselves.

Google Access, which oversees Fiber does hope to do so, however. Google Access CEO Craig Barratt said,
“We’re really transitioning from our earlier work, which was more of an experiment, to a real business”

Source: Yahoo Finance