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Birth of A Nation stars Nate Parker portraying a born slave turned preacher, Nat Turner, who led this rebellion and free slaves. It was also called the Southampton Insurrection which took the lives of 55-65 White Americans. Take a look at the trailer after the jump.

Nate Parker has been featured a lot of well respected movies such as The Secret Life of Bee’s, The Great Debaters and Beyond The Lights. In Birth Of A Nation he is also doing his director debut. He wrote the screenplay and he petitioned financiers to invest in him. That’s what happens when you truly believe in your dream and not allowing obstacles to get in your way. The lack of money he had to produce the film did not enfurate him but only made his dream a reality. Wishing the best for this movie, will you be watching? I surely will be!
By Chinyere Anokwute