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A Q4 report released by Comcast and a shareholder report released by Netflix has revealed surprising figures in subscribers between the two media giants, as Netflix doubles Comcast subscribers. This also hints towards some possible shifts in the years to come for the way we watch television.

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On February, Comcast released their Q4 report and it revealed that they ended 2015 with 22,347,000 subscribers. Thats a good looking number but that feat was totally obliterated as a shareholder report released by Netflix revealed that they had a U.S. membership base of 44,740,000. That is about 100.2% greater than Comcast’s numbers.

However, it is worth noting that the two companies have very different subscriber patterns and for good reason. Like many cable providers, Comcast functions in monopolizing certain areas so geography, coverage, legalities, and competition in different places hold limitations for Comcast. A map of their subscriber distribution would more resemble a checkerboard across the U.S.

As for Netflix, their subscriber distribution patterns are expected to look more evenly spread throughout the U.S. since they don’t exactly share the same restrictions as Comcast. All of this is important information as it may mean some new possibilities for the way we watch television.

A post here on InFlexWeTrust discussed the Obama administration and how they are reaching out to the FCC to open up the cable box and innovate it to expand the market for more competition. This is one way they are pushing to help grow the economy to begin producing telecommunication products that coincide with popular services we use today that aren’t on current cable products.

The numbers between Netflix and Comcast certainly shed light on the direction we are moving in, as there are plenty of possibilities for innovations in the way we consume television and access media coming in the future.

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