Who can forget that emotional video of the judge that recognized a defendant that she went to middle school with. To Arthur Brooks’ surprise, judge Mindy Glazer was waiting for him right when he got out of jail.

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That original video went viral. The moment after the judge asked him if he went to Nautilus middle school, touched many peoples hearts. He cried as she said “he was the nicest kid in middle school”. Unfortunately Arthur Brooks was sent to prison by judge Glazer because of burglary.

She told him:

“Good luck to you sir. I hope your able to come out of this okay and just lead a lawful life.”

Well, just recently Arthur brooks was released from prison and promises judge Glazer to do just that. He was excited to see his family as he hugs them and is surprised to see judge Mindy Glazer right next to them. Two smiles and an awkward hug later, she tries to uplift him, with her own pep talk.

An emotional Arthur Brooks says:

“She’s an inspiration and motivation to me now. She’s just…Seeing Mindy is incredible. Cause I know where I could’ve been. But I’m not giving up on life. This is just a new leaf on life for me right now.”