ifwt_choppa Zoe Zoe

The Money and Violence rapper, “Choppa Zoe,” recently released his new mixtape, “Zoe of Zoe’s.” Through the popularity of the web series obtaining over 13 million views, Choppa decided to put together a project that would allow him to make music about his life, experiences, and Zoe culture. Once arriving to New York City from West Palm Beach, FL., Choppa declared that, “People don’t really understand what this lifestyle and culture is about, so i’m here to show them.”

In am exclusive screening event hosted at Hell’s Kitchen NYC, Choppa Zoe debuted his new mixtape, “Zoe of Zoe’s” by performing some of the songs live for his friends, supporters, and media professionals.

Similar to the web series, Money and Violence, Choppa Zoe looks to portray and deliver that same reality to his audience. His completed project features a total of 13 tracks. Some of the songs Choppa performed were titled, “Blessed,” “Grateful,” and “Okay Okay,” which seemed to have a good feedback from the crowd. To support him, rapper Grafh, BK Brasco and Zoe God all attended to preview many of his songs.


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