Logic reveals some new bars he’s going to release on one of his next albums and they are very clarifying. He speaks on his race and overall message as an artist with these bi-racial, thought provoking and societal justifying bars. Hit the jump.

Frankie Zing

“I’m currently working on two albums at the same time…One of them is “fun” lets put it that way. The second one is from the perspective from all different types of people,”

In a sit down interview with Rolling Stone, Maryland’s own Logic breaks his down his mindset for his next two albums that he says he’s working on at the same time. He than went on to spit some new bars he feels very passionately for, giving us some insight on the coming projects:

“I feel the Aryan in my blood/It’s scarier than a Blood/Been looking for holy water, now I’m praying for a flood/I feel like time is passing me by slower than a slug.”

Logic’s dream of peace amongst everyone could very well come to fruition with the support of the Ratt Pack, the hip-hop community overall and his always lucid music.

“I hate division. I love being unique, I love ethnicity… I love culture, I love the things that make us different but not the things that separate us. People can say whatever the hell they want about me or my race or whatever, but at the end of the day I’m a lover of all people,”

Watch the full 2 minute interview below: