IFWT_Tupac and Shakespeare
By: Chinyere Anokwute
Today in history William Shakespeare died in 1616 but before he passed he left great works such as Romeo and Juliette, Macbeth and Hamlet. Shakespeare has been said to been the motivation of many Artist such as David Bowie, Kanye West and of course the late Tupac Shakur. Check for more after the jump!

In many interviews Tupac has said that Shakespeare has been a source of inspiration because of the fact he feels like he is a tragic hero. Watch the video down below!

Even Kanye has said the he has been influenced by Shakespare. Even went as far to say he was Shakespare!

I don’t know about saying you are the greatest, but you should compare yourself to them. After all if you believe you are the best then why not compare yourself to them. As you can see the influence Shakespeare has on rap is big enough that since he was the best at his time. Tupac was also the best at his time or tied with Biggie, which leaves Ye. Is Ye the National Poet for our generation as was Shakespeare to his? Holla at me in the comments.