Captain Tyler McLaughlin from ‘Wicked Tuna’ on Nat Geo gets arrested for smashing a guy’s face.
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‘Wicked Tuna’ is a show that is featured on the National Geographic Channel about commercial Tuna fishermen based in Gloucester, Massachusetts who fish for the lucrative Atlantic bluefin tuna in the North Atlantic Ocean.

Captain Tyler McLaughlin was charged this week for a misdemeanor assault, according to the Perquimans County Sheriff’s Department in North Carolina.

According to police, McLaughlin got into an altercation with another fisherman near the docks where the Nat Geo star allegedly put the guy in a choke hold and punched him in the eye multiple times.

The victim suffered a broken nose and two black eyes. McLaughlin left the scene before cops arrived. Weeks later he turned himself in, but was immediately released on a $10,000 bond.