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Beyonce dropped her sixth studio album Lemonade last night on TIDAL and you will be able to get it on iTunes at midnight. All of pop culture and social media literally went haywire Saturday night after her hour long HBO special. It’s pretty clear that the album was about a lover betraying the queen bee. She goes into depth on the subject in a song called “Apathy,” in which she references a “Becky with the good hair,” who her lover apparently cheated on her with. And that reference had everyone spinning out of control and one of the most famous side chicks of all time went to Twitter and weighed in on Lemonade.

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“Ashes to ashes dust to side chicks.” Beyonce has us dumping the tea and sipping on some lemonade. One of the most famous side chicks known to man kind, (lol that’s dramatic) Monica Lewinsky, went to Twitter and asked if it was okay if she listened to Beyonce’s Lemonade.

MMMMMMM…..What do you all think? Is Monica being a little petty? Hit the gallery and read her tweet and then comment below and let us know your thoughts.

Source: Complex