Super producer, vocalist, rapper and mogul, Ryan Leslie performed live at the Highline Ballroom in New York City. Although I haven’t heard a Ryan Leslie single in NYC for a long time now, every single guest knew all the lyrics to his latest music. With the use of his Superphone technology, Ryan Leslie is one of the few artists to stay independent and successful for years.

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Through the Disruptive Multimedia platform, Ryan Leslie has created a divine, and more intimate connection with his biggest supporters and fans. There’s nothing like being able to text your favorite composer directly to tell him what you think. Perhaps that’s why everyone knew every lyrics and every beat. The access and real live time invested in knowing and keeping up with is fans contributes to his success, and the success of his Highline Ballroom massive turn out.

Even Leslie called many of the people in the room by their names, and personally thanked them for being there throughout the live performance. At the end of the show, Ryan Leslie held a private meet and greet for his fans that decided to purchase VIP passes. The connection between him and his fans are important to him and his music.

Leslie has given his fans a “Lifetime” album where he will release one song a month over the course of his entire career. For a monthly fee determined by each individual fan of his music, they will never run out of Leslie’s new sounds. While some individuals pay thousands of dollars for Ryan Leslie’s creativity, others can pay dollars.

Text Ryan Leslie’s Superphone now and try for yourself to see how advanced the technology he’s using is .


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