Earlier today, the historical Apollo Theatre held a tribute for the late Prince. In Harlem, NY, a number of people gathered together presenting purple flowers, balloons, and cards on the sidewalk in memory of the musical legend. Apart from small memorial offerings, there was a great deal of vendors, music lovers, and artists that came together creating a creative atmosphere.

Painters were creating live images of Prince and Michael Jackson with halos over their heads to insinuate that the lost legends were now angels. Though Prince’s death is tragic, the overall theme and energy remained positive throughout the tribute. It was more of a celebration of his music, his life and his legacy over anything else.

Th Apollo is most famously known for discovering some of the greatest legends in the music and entertainment industry. Today’s activities and gathering at the Apollo was based solely on fans love for Prince, allowing people to come together and pay their final respects.

Take a look at some of the live photographs of todays memorial at the Apollo. Note all of the purple that everyone was wearing and the vendors were selling int the photos.

Prince is gone, but will never be forgotten.


By Valerie Victor Instagram || Twitter