The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is the federal agency who’s goal is to regulate automobile safety, and they’re taking advantage of the direct interaction twitter creates among its platform to help keep the road safer.

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It always baffles me how people could blatantly admit to texting while driving, let alone snapchat while driving and shamelessly share it on the internet. The thought always ran through my head, how does law enforcement not see this? It’s literally right there in front of their faces.

Well it looks like they do see it after all, and they are making moves about it.

If you look at the NHTSA’s twitter feed, you’ll find an long list of responses to irresponsible drivers who are clearly admitting to texting while driving.

The responses aren’t wordy lectures as you’d expect but they are short, common sense replies that really makes you second guess throwing away your life and selfishly taking others, because of texting and driving.

But honestly, what they’re doing is absolutely worth it. There are numerous studies that prove texting and driving correlates with higher rates in automobile accidents.

Not trying to be a square here but seriously, put the phone down people. I’ve been in accidents where the driver was texting-blessed that none were fatal-and you just look like a complete A-hole when you find out you wrecked your car and someone else’s because you wanted to switch your eyes to your phone instead of keeping them on the damn road!


Source: The Verge