Oh man. The first sexually transmitted Zika virus case has been reported right above the U.S, in Canada. According to a statement from Public Health Agency of Canada and Ontario’s Ministry of Health, the unidentified individual is believed to have contracted the epidemic disease from a sexual partner who came down with Zika after traveling to an affected country. Full story after the jump.

Frankie Zing

Zika is mainly transmitted through the bite of certain infected female mosquitoe, which last year led to a major outbreak beginning in Brazil spreading to many countries in South and North America.

Since then, sexually transmitted Zika cases have been found in the countries of Argentina, Chile, France, Italy and New Zealand. Pretty much all over the world and Canada is the latest to report an stZ.

Canada has 55 reported cases of Zika, which are all related to traveling from other countries, but the mosquitoes themselves have not established themselves there. Thank God.