Well it looks like a reporter who wanted to create some type of controversy or buzz for himself got his wish. Earlier this week, during the post game press conference after game four, Draymond Green went off on a reporter for asking him questions about the floods in Houston. Green revealed the the same reporter had asked him the same questions in private previously and when he tried to do it again, Green felt he was trying to be dragged into something controversial and he wasn’t having it. Now, according to reports, the same reporter was fired about an hour after the press conference.


In case you missed it:

According to CSN’s Henry Wofford, the reporter was in his first year as a full time journalist and was born and raised in China but working for a Chinese publication based in Houston. Some people have been of the mindset that Green may have overreacted and taken the question in the wrong way because of a language barrier but I don’t really buy that since Green said the same guy already asked him the same question during practice, so it sounds like the reporter really was trying to get a reaction out of Green.

Wofford tweeted that the reporter was fired about an hour after the exchange with Green. We will probably never be sure what he was trying to do with the question but it didn’t seem like it was going to be anything good the way he was trying to link a tragedy in Houston to something with the Warriors.