IFWT_ZacPosen2 Zac Posen is no stranger to going against the grain with his beautiful designs and now he makes a statement at NYFW 15′. His new line not only stems from inspiration of Ugandan Princess Elizabeth Bagaaya Akiiki but he also just wanted more diversity on the runways so what is better than using woman specially that look like Princess Elizabeth Bagaaya Akiiki.

By: Chinyere Anokwute
The reason for Zac’s collection was to pay respect to Princess Elizabeth so why not have models. Not to mention, the runway could use some color. So why would he do an entire clothing line in honor of Princess Elizabeth? To tell you the truth she became the third African woman in history to be accepted to and graduate from Cambridge University. She also has graced the covers of Vogue and Haper’s Bazaar! So why not do a clothing line in representation of how awesome Black Girls are? A true role model and a leader.
He also supports “Black Models Matter” lines of clothing and bags by Ashley B Chew. Which is putting awarness for having diversity on the runway. Check Zac’s fashion line out in the gallery along with Black Model Matters line!
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