In 1993 The Gatekeepers Took Political Hip-Hop Music Off The Radio and From Then On If You Make Political Hip-Hop You Have Forced Yourself 2 The Underground. It’s no secret that hiphop holds its spots for one of the biggest markets in 2016, and when such a genre like (Political HipHop) has the power to influence the masses theat is not quite in their favor, the powers that be start to censor the creativity of artist for all art forms.

Ice Cube recently sat down with Bloomberg’s Mark Halperin to dicuss this topic more in depth click on the video below.

Unseen: IG/Twitter

Political/conscious rap, it’s not rewarded at all. If you go political and hardcore with it, you just kinda set yourself straight into the underground. Gatekeepers of the industry, about 1993, gatekeepers of the airwaves started to say, ‘That kind of political rap, really not gonna play that. Not really our style.’ They started to play and promote the escapism type of rap. Sex, drugs, money, cars, women, clothes. Just all of the excess became more popular and more exposed. So, you have new Hip-Hoppers saying, ‘How do I get famous?’ It’s not like Public Enemy or Boogie Down Productions, because I’m not seeing their stuff as much anymore. It’s the new stuff, that mafioso rap started taking over.” – Ice Cube