IFWT_Sinking Car
An off duty officer found a lady stuck at sea and acted swiftly to go and do whatever he could to save her. Luckily he acted quickly enough and all was well.

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Lt. Erik Jenkins jumped into waters that were about chest high to save the 80-year old Marie Fitzgerald. She was driving her Honda Civic when she pulled into the parking lot, lost control, broke through a concrete barrier and fell right into Thames River. Lt. Jenkins wasn’t the only hero here though.

The first person at the scene was 34-year old John Sidlinger who was in the park having lunch with his girlfriend when he seen the Civic lose control and fly into the river. He ended up breaking the front windshield out but it wasn’t enough, so Lt. Jenkins went to go break the back window but it didn’t do much and time was running out. So he broke the passenger side window and went in, grabbed her out, and took her to safety. Paramedics were at the scene and rushed her to the local hospital.

Fitzgerald also hand wrote thank you letters to the first responders.