IFWT_Web Browser Trend Analytics

A recent analytic report from Net Marketshare has revealed that Google Chrome recently overtook Internet Explorer by becoming the most popularly used desktop web browser!

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According to Net Marketshare’s data from 40,000 websites over the month of April has revealed that Chrome managed to overcome Internet Explorer in terms of popularity after this past month. Internet Explorer made up 41.35% of the web browsers used while Chrome makes up 41.66% of the web browsers.

Now this isn’t a major lead by any means, however it is worth noting that Microsoft is also working on a separate web browser, called, Edge, and they’re slowly shifting away from Internet Explorer.

This could also explain why Google Chrome managed to overcome Internet Explorer this past April. However, Chrome does have a lot more to offer, especially with the seamlessness of their extensions and application store.

Microsoft’s Edge is still in the beginning stages and lacks much of what Chrome already has. Edge still doesn’t even have extensions yet.

Nevertheless, this is still a huge milestone for Google and could possibly serve as a motivator for developers of other browsers to figure out ways to become the new number 1 web browser.

Source: Thurrot