IFWT_CoD Infinite Warfare Post

Just the other day, Activision released a teaser for the upcoming launch of their next title in the Call of Duty franchise, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Well today they just released their official debut trailer for their new title. All I’m going to say is… watch it until the very end!

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The trailer is your normal Call of Duty promotion. You have your guns, your vehicles, and something Activision is trying go over the top with. It looks like this time, we’re fighting in space.

The new trailer shows tons of futuristic aircrafts but nothing out of the ordinary. Like exo-suits, thruster packs, or wall running. Everything seemed to be regular as far as the combat in the game.

The theme of the game is definitely another shot at the whole futuristic scene though. A lot of people really want Call of Duty to just take it back but I don’t know if thats something they’re willing to do at this point, except for their inclusion of the remastered Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

After watching the trailer it looks like this next Call of Duty will be something close to Black Ops 2. Black Ops 2 had the whole futuristic setting except they didn’t go over the top with all the exo-suits and stuff. Infinite Warfare looks like it will be what Black Ops 2 was but I don’t think thats necessarily a bad thing.

How do you think Call of Duty: Infinite will pan out this year? Which Call of Duty did you like the most?

Source: Kotaku