Hip-hop legend DJ Kool Herc is suing HBO over their show Vinyl, which is based around the music industry in the 70s.

On the show, there is a character named Mr. Campbell (his real last name,) whose nickname is Herc. Clearly, there is no doubt that this is supposed to be the real Herc, and this isn’t sitting right with him. No add insult to injury, HBO reportedly reached out prior to the show’s airing, and offered $10,000 for him to waive his rights and consultation services regarding the show. However, he refused to sign – which means they did not have the rights to this character.

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The lawsuit says that surrendering his rights about how he was portrayed and about his role in creating hip-hop was “too steep a sacrifice” for the amount they were offering, while HBO is saying that since he isn’t portrayed negatively on the show, this claim is invalid.

Hmm, this should get interesting! We’ll keep you updated.

Source: DNA