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Urbance is a new animated series that tells the story of a universe where gender is split in an all out war and having sex will kill you!

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Urbance is a French-Canadian animated series by Joel Del Reis Viegas and Sébastien Larroudé that takes place in a dystopian future where a genetic virus has broken out and anyone that participates in extreme contact with individuals who have the virus instantly die. Coevo is the corrupt government antagonist of Urbance, as they have quarantined the people of Urbance in claims they are seeking a solution for the virus.

The idea behind the story is pretty interesting and the show is geared towards a young demographic, with sex, music, and urban culture being the driving themes of the show. Urbance also addresses gender warfare, in a literal sense, as men and women are at war with each other – something that is a hot topic in our world today.

Urbance is centered around two characters, Kenzell and Lesya, in somewhat of a Romeo-Juliet style love story. The two have a deep relationship however given the current situation of the world they’re in, it is difficult for them to interact and come close with each other. Apparently their relationship has sparked a revolution, encouraging people to ignore the virus and pursue their intimate desires anyway.

The concept of Urbance is interesting and has a lot of elements that would capture the attention of a lot of people who see the underlying themes. On top of the that it brings you vibrant visuals along with immersive soundtracks to submerge you into the Urbance universe.

Urbance began as a kickstarter campaign and they managed to meet their goal to produce their pilot episode. If you enjoyed their pilot definitely send them a donation to help them keep making more episodes to continue the series!

Source: Steambot Studios