The search engine we all know and love could possibly be making a change to the way their search results are being displayed as some users are reporting their search results coming up as black links instead of your usual blues!

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The search results page for Google searches has been something that is embedded in our minds. Whenever we have pressing questions only the all knowing Google could bring answers to us. Undiscovered links are blue, and clicked links appear as purple. But it looks as if Google could be making a change to their usual result page format.

When users type in a word/phrase into Google’s search bar a majority of users will see links listed in blue with the URL in green right below. However, there are some users who’s links are coming up as black and even some Twitter users are reporting seeing Google’s experiment in action.

As of right now no one knows if what Google is doing is some sort of test to observe user click behavior based on result link colors. Google has been known to test their site with their users in real-time. For example, until last year, the current navigation tab you use for Google was highlighted with a small redline. Now the color of it is blue.

In 2009, Google tested out 41 different colors of blue for Gmail advertisements and search result links. This change resulted in $200 million extra revenue a years from ads.

What do you think? Could this be another test foreshadowing another aesthetic move to help boost revenue for the tech giant?

Source: The Verge