IFWT_Mech Suit

The South Korea automobile manufacturer, Hyundai, has revealed a new prototype mech suit they’ve assembled!

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Hyundai posted on their blog, details about their wearable mech suit. Similar to the Iron Man suit, it gives the user increased strength, allowing you to lift objects you wouldn’t ordinarily be able to. However, the suit isn’t capable of flying or shooting energy beams, or other weapons found in the Iron Man arsenal.

They car company believes that in the future, this exoskeleton robot suit could be useful for factory workers, the military, and patients undergoing physical rehabilitation.

The suit was developed under Hyundai’s H-LEX platform – a company that constructs exoskeleton mech suits. H-LEX stands for – Hyundai Life-caring Exoskeleton but weighs less than the new prototype yet still hold similar functionalities.

Hyundai isn’t the only company developing exoskeleton mech suits. Panasonic is developing something similar to Hyundai’s suit. So is Audi and BMW.

The future is looking promising with a lot of ground breaking technology. Are you excited for whats in store?

Source: The Verge