Adrien Broner’s troubles aren’t going anywhere, in fact they may just be getting started. He is fresh off a win in the ring from back at the beginning of April but police believe he is about to take a loss in the courtroom as they released the video they say proves Broner did in fact rob a man at gunpoint after losing money to the man inside while making bets on bowling.


The video is very grainy so the police are relying more so on the audio. You can hear numerous people trying to calm Broner down as they repeatedly are heard saying “Chill A.B.” but at one point you can pretty clearly make out Broner’s voice while he is robbing him, telling him to give him back all his money as you can hear the victim virtually screaming for his life.

As you can see, the video itself isn’t the greatest but will it be enough to put Broner in prison for a while? That remains to be seen but it doesn’t sound good for him.