Draya is fed up with cyber bullies and their negative words towards her and her family. Before deleting the post, Draya clapped back at an Instagram follower and gave a piece of her mind.

Bri: Instagram // Twitter

One thing that is certain, is that Draya is not to be messed with. After some negative comments were shared about her children, she took to Instagram to address the young woman. She starts off:

Ms April White….. I’m not sure what hospital you work at but I’m sure they’d love to know one of their employees is all up in my comments talking about my children. It’s a form of bullying and personally, I think you lack the compassion needed in working in a field that requires caring for people.

She then goes on to conclude:

Please don’t come for me or my children or I will volunteer at your job on the day you clean out your locker. And selfies at work? Yeah, might wanna empty that trash first. Enjoy your weekend

Lesson of the day: Do not come for Draya.