Whatsapp extended to desktop along with safe and seamless file sharing features!

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Want truly secure file sharing on your desktop? Get the stand alone #Whatsapp app for #Mac & #Windows now!!!

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The Facebook-owned messaging app, Whatsapp, extended their reach to desktop as they launched a downloadable client for Windows and Mac. But what they are also doing is giving the desktop version a key feature: secure file sharing.

The feature works as it would on your phone, letting you send files to your contacts. After downloading the desktop client of Whatsapp to your computer it will ask you to scan a QR code provided, using the mobile version of Whatsapp. This means you will need to have a pre-existing Whatsapp account on your mobile device before actually accessing the desktop version.

Whatsapp file sharing for desktop is super seamless and just as secure as it’s mobile version. The feature lets you share documents, PDF’s, photos, and other files.

Whatsapp extending to desktop moves them up to compete with other standalone messaging applications that already exist for desktop. As it is Whatsapp is already a globally popular messaging app and they’re only continuing to grow. The app is reportedly working on a video calling feature as well!

Source: TechTimes