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Google announces, Daydream, their new and immersive virtual reality platform!

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Google announced at their developer’s conference, Google I/O 2016, their new virtual reality platform called, Daydream. They also announced that phones compatible with Daydream, along with VR viewers and motion controllers, will be available this fall.

Daydream, both a hardware and software, is a mobile virtual reality system that will be powered by a new generation of Android N devices. Google’s new Daydream will be the successor of Google Cardboard but on a greater scale in that it goes beyond VR only on a smartphone. Daydream will only work on new Android N devices which have special components to help bring out the full experience of virtual reality.

Google is also developing a feature called, Android VR Mode, for phones that are capable of running it. This mode is supposed to help improve app performance but is also more of an environment that users can explore. The home screen for Daydream will let people open apps and display various media – all of it designed specifically to function with Daydream’s virtual reality experience.

Google has also reached out to other media companies to help bring in more apps to function on Daydream. Namely popular platforms we know like Netflix, HBO, the NBA, and gaming companies like Electronic Arts and Ubisoft.

Google also announced eight hardware partners that are manufacturing Daydream-ready phones such as, Samsung, HTC, LG, Xiaomi, Huawei, ZTE, Asus, and Alcatel. Although the phone will act as the screen and computer to run Daydream, users will also need Google’s VR headset and controller too.

Will you be hopping on the Android N, virtual reality wave?

Source: The Verge