For a few weeks now, there has been a rumored hologram that will feature Christina Aguilera and Whitney Houston. We now know that the hologram duet will be happening as the appearance leaked online for a hot second. Aguilera will be signing Houston’s ‘I Have Nothing.’ This is honestly such a beautiful moment just to see Whitney Houston come to life again.

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The Whitney Houston and Christina Aguilera duet is now a no go. Houston’s estate was not feeling the hologram when they saw it and decided to pull the plug. They felt as though the finished product did not look like Whitney. They believed Christina looked amazing but as for Whitney they were not pleased. Guess its all a matter of doing it the right way especially when you have a legend such as Whitney Houston i your hands.

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After the suet, Houston sings her famous ‘Impossible’ from Cinderella. The hologram appearance is suppose to premiere on ‘The View’ on Monday. It was leaked but now looks like it has been taken away.

Source: TMZ