ifwt_Day 26 x Diddy

Diddy recently announced a list of tour dates for the long-awaited Bad Boy reunion tour. The show will feature almost all of the acts that were part of the label’s Golden Era, including Lil Kim, Ma$e, Faith Evans, Mario Winans, Total, 112, Carl Thomas and The Lox. French Montana will also join, making him the only artist from the “new Bad Boy” that Diddy had put together in 2011. (This leaves out King Los, Machine Gun Kelly and Red Cafe.)

In between the aforementioned Bad Boy eras, there were a few acts signed to the label – and some of them are pretty upset that they’re not included in the upcoming tour. I want to call this the MTV era of Bad Boy…though I’m not sure where B5 would fit in. Eh, let’s just stick with that.

So in the MTV era, some of the acts that Bad Boy signed Da Band, Danity Kane and Day 26, and Day 26’s Brian Angel wants to know why they’re not hitting the road too.

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“With all due respect I’m tryna figure out @iamdiddy how can you have a BAD BOY reunion and me and Bros @Day26 aren’t apart of it bro?” Brian tweeted this week. “My passion for music & our fans puts me in some crazy situations at times. But I gotta speak up @iamdiddy @officialDay26 @day26 wanna know. I’m not the one to sit & let this opportunity pass & say nothing @imdiddy I just wanna know bro. Please let me know if I’m out of line for asking again but why is it that @Day26Official no on the Bad Boy tour @iamdiddy our fans wanna kno.”

(To Diddy’s defense – how many Day 26 “fans” actually exist in 2016?) B5’s Dustin Michael also echoed similar sentiments:

“I’m not gonna lie, I’m a little in my feelings on this..word on the street is @badboyrecords is doing a reunion tour. We’ve been #badboy for about 7 years and 2 albums. not 1 person from the “FAM” has reached out to us. @iamdiddy @quincy @hitmansteviej_1 knowing B5 would kill that tour..but that’s just me tho. What are your thoughts??”

I don’t know – I don’t think anyone’s really checking for these guys, but I could be wrong. Let me know what you guys think!