Nobody is exempt from feeling the wrath of Michael Jordan, not even close friends like Magic Johnson. If you talk trash to the GOAT, you were going to regret it sooner or later and it was usually sooner. During an appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel show last night, Magic was asked if he ever tried to get in Jordan’s head and he revealed it happened once and it never happened again after that.


The incident occurred during a Dream Team practice in the summer of 1992. The practice game, which is commonly referred to as “The Greatest Game Nobody Saw” has been talked about for years. Magic explained how coach Chuck Daly separated the team into East vs West and they basically played to a tie for three days in a row. It was on the fourth day that Magic decided it was time to try and mess with Jordan and he quickly learned that was not the best thing to do.

Even though Michael made sure Magic knew he messed up, David Robinson was the one who really paid the price as he watched his airness dunk all over him. If only some fans could’ve been there to record that game in full.