Talk show host/R&B singer Tamar Braxton took to instagram to announce she was taking a brake from social media for a while after she was stabbed in the back by someone she stupidly trust. However there is always two sides to every story and sources are stating other facts that lead to her getting fired daytime talk show “The Real”.


This is real messy, many sources are saying that Jeanie and Loni both co-host to Tamar went to executives at the fox network show to discuss salaries and well the tamartians are doing their homework. Quickly as she posted she made sure to let her fans and followers know that this has not a thing to do with her husband or her sisters, or April and Lashawn Daniels who are her friends and producers. So what is really going on ? Sources close the show claim she was let go because she was not able to get along with get along with others on the show. The source also claims advertisers did not see her as a good fit for their brands. Tamar Braxton used her long lengthly instagram post to address everything But that.She warns her enemies to watch her back and whoever tried to play her actually played themselves. Wonder who will be filling the shows of Tamar Braxton on the show ?