This wouldn’t be your average visit to the zoo…

Dilson Hernandez: Facebook | Instagram

It’s no surprise that some animals could get a little wild at the zoo. But seeing an employee defending himself from a fighting animal, now that’s on another level. This kangaroo definitely got the hands. The kangaroo didn’t even try to kick the employee, it was a pure boxing match. Imagine watching this live. My apologies to the employee, but I would’ve been cryiiing. The boy from the family recording was dying of laughter, as he should be.

His mom, of course responded with “It’s not funny”. And towards the end it definitely got that way as we hear an employee saying “I need help”. It looked like the Kangaroo wasn’t really going to hurt him but he definitely needed some backup. Yeah it was a bit funny, but who knows what could’ve happened.

See for yourselves: