Everyone knows when they hear ‘Zaytoven Beats’ or ‘Metro Boomin wants some more,’ the song is 9 times out of 10 going to be fire. During a recent interview, Metro Boomin and Zaytoven spoke on being some of the hottest producers in the rap industry as of now.

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Zaytoven spoke on Atlanta in which a lot of artist he works with are from.

“I feel the reason that Atlanta is so on fire for so long is because the city has so much flavor to it. You’ve got a lot of young guys. Atlanta can do crunk music, it can do snap music, it can do swag music. Atlanta has it all.”

He went on to speak about the origin of trap music.

“When I think of trap, I think of something that’s unrehearsed, something that’s edgy, not too well put together. So the music that we were making… it means that we was in there making songs that we wasn’t trying to make perfect. We talking about robbing somebody or selling dope or whatever, it’s not supposed to sound too clean.”

Metro Boomin got a chance to touch base on the fact that he struggled with the disconnect between his perceptions of his own music and the reality of it.

“I went through that for so long. I would be making beats and in my head I would be like man this shit is crazy. But then in reality it wasn’t. And it didn’t help me because I had my mom lying to me all the time, telling me it was hard.”

Source: Complex