It looks like we might get the debate we’ve all been waiting for. And its for a good cause too.

Dilson Hernandez: Facebook | Instagram

Bernie Sanders, in anticipation for his interview, gave Jimmy Kimmel a question to ask Trump during his guest appearance. The question was basically to ask for a debate between the two. Trump agreed under the condition that the proceeds will go to charity. Bernie responded with:

This could be good for Bernie because it’s the perfect exposure needed before the California primary and it shows how well he could handle Trump in a debate… that’s if he can. But Bernie seems to be confident in that territory, as does Trump.

This could be one of the most viewed programs in the history of television according to some people. Wether it will be or not, it doesn’t really matter because a lot of people will be watching and it will def be some good-ass entertainment. I know for a fact they will not disappoint.