While his boy LeBron is hard at work trying to make sure that the Toronto Raptors don’t steal the Eastern Conference Finals, Dwayne Wade is “roughing it” on a European vacation with teammate (possibly former soon) Chris Bosh.

Dwayne and Gabrielle along with Bosh and Adrienne took holiday (that’s European for vacation…lol) in the south of France visiting Monaco as well as Saint Tropez. They were the coveted guests of Formula 1 driver, Lewis Hamilton on a phenomenal yacht. My it pays to be wealthy and in the know. Let’s hope Bosh has a team to come back to.

Thanks to twitter and snapchat, we’ve got a front row seat. Follow along yall, while we enjoy burnt hamburgers and crispy hot dogs in the backyard swatting mosquitoes as the kids kick over our Coronas…