If you’ve been keeping up with ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’, than you are familiar with Ms. Kenya Moore and her new found love with Matt Jordan! Well, according to sources, the couple has split! Matt even took to Instagram to share his thoughts on the break up.

Catch this tea, according to TMZ, Kenya and Matt called it quits over Memorial Day weekend, in which the couple was in Mexico. Things went left when the couple got into an argument, Kenya locked herself in the bathroom and Matt allegedly kicked in the door and broke it.

The argument got heated, and allegedly Matt called Kenya out of her name, twice. Returning back to Atlanta, the couple sat separately on the flight, and also took separate cars home to avoid a scene. Although the disagreement never turned physical, Matt did show up to Kenya’s house and emptied out her luggage in her driveway, allegedly.

Say what! Check out what Matt had to say on Instagram, in the gallery.

Tai Perkins- Instagram.