With all the violence and negativity going on in the city of Chicago, any piece of positive news is welcomed on the highest level. Chicago was once known for its ball players and street courts just as much as it’s now known for gangs and shootings but Kenny “The Jet” Smith, 2 Chainz and the Full Court reFRESH initiative are hoping to get kids back on the court shooting hoops.


Chicago legend Ronnie Fields as well as Bryan Crawford, who is a writer from the Chi for “Hoop” Magazine were also part of the initiative that helped donate $40,000 to the city to renovate street ball courts and give kids an option to do something constructive with their time.

“What we’re doing is providing an important resource for the younger generation. A lot of the kids don’t have anything to do with their time right now,” said 2 Chainz. “A lot of them look up to athletes or entertainers, so when you do these things, build a studio or refurbish a basketball court, it helps change the trajectory in our neighborhoods, along with seeing somebody like myself, speak to what’s happening in the streets.”

Crawford also expanded on the comments made by Chainz.

“A lot of this violence has to do with just the fact that kids in our community, they have nowhere to go,” the Chicago native says. “They have no positive structure, nothing to get involved in. Some of these parks today, they barely have rims. If you don’t give these kids an outlet, what’s left for them to do aside from running the streets and getting into trouble?”

Salute to everyone involved in this as you can never go wrong with trying to impact the youth in a positive way.