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Two teenage girls are in custody after a 78-year-old woman was beaten in a Brooklyn subway station Thursday afternoon. According to the NYPD the two teen suspects punched and kicked the woman while she was standing on the southbound platform of the Franklin Avenue “C” train station at around 3:15 p.m. The suspects fled the scene when they seen that a train was coming. The woman was hit in the face, head and body. She was taken to a local hospital where she was in stable condition and has been released. Read the rest of this story after the jump.

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The NYPD is investigating the altercation that took place in the Brooklyn subway station Thursday afternoon. The dispute between the teens and woman began when the victim asked one of the teens to take her feet off of the seats so that she could sit down. A argument soon broke out between the victim and two teens and later turned violent on a subway platform.

Ted Hamilton witnessed the teens attacking the 78-year-old victim and said

“The girl attacked her from behind. Hit her in the face knocked her down and then another girl came and restrained the girl that was hitting her.”

Hamilton helped the victim out of the subway station and called police.

According to police, the mother of one of the 16-year-old suspects recognized her daughter seeing surveillance images and brought her to the precinct. The second suspect was turned over to police by her mother shortly after.

The daughter of the victim says that her mother is home and doing well but traumatized after what happened. She also said that their family is grateful for Ted Hamilton and those who helped her.

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Source: CBS NY