Lil B was playing no games with this curse. Since, it started OKC has not made their way to the Finals. But all hope isn’t lost, apparently there is a way Kevin Durant can still lift the infamous curse.

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Lil B could possibly be the biggest troll of all time. The fact that people still take this dude serious just proves that. One of his favorite trolling tactics is this “curse” that he claims he’s casted on certain athletes.

*Advice of the day*
If you’re a professional athlete, do not even think about doing anything Based God related. James Harden does the “cooking” dance move, that Lil B made famous? Bam! Cursed. Kevin Durant called Lil B a wack rapper? Bam! Cursed. He even released a diss track aimed at KD lmao It’s ridiculous.

Never question the Based God though… cause that curse never fails. As we know, after being a win away from going to the finals and getting his Lebron rematch, KD and the Thunder coughed up their 3-1 lead, as the Warriors advanced. Lil B immediately took to his IG and said:

Even though the curse is alive and well, Lil B went on ESPN’s latest show “The Jump” to talk about how KD can lift the curse.

Both Keven Durant and Lil B have talked about playing a game of 21 to settle their beef. But according to the Based God, Durant backed out after being convinced by his teammates. Therefore, the curse still lives. However Lil B says, in “The Jump”, that KD can still lift the curse if they simply just play their game of 21 lol.

Check out the Based God himself: