The family of Ronald McPhatter have been trying to uncover the information of his death since he was gunned down about week ago. But they’ve said the police have not been as cooperative as they should be.

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So far Troy Ave. has been the only one charged with murder but his family is sure that he’s innocent. But they are more annoyed of the fact that the police have barely let them in on any information on the case. Ronald’s brother Shanduke McPhatter, said:

“We have never been treated like the family of a victim. We are still being treated like criminals.”

The NYPD Chief of Detective says family always has vital information in a murder case so they are never hesitant to reach out to the family. And thats exactly what they’ve been doing. They’ve been reaching out to the family to get information but, the real question should be, is any outside information being shared with the family, even in the slightest? Shanduke McPhatter said:

“We could just start with what happened. So we can have our own view to discuss, so my family can see how my brother died.”