IFWT_JR Smith reality show

Right in the middle of the NBA Finals (which the Cavs are down 0-2), J.R. Smith’s organization Team Swish, launched a Kickstarter to fund a new reality show starring the entertaining baller.

Looking to raise $450,000, they raised $499 from 18 backers and 57 days to go at the writing of this post.

You think you know who the real JR Smith is, you really don’t… With family, and bodyguard Boom by his side, you’ll see the real JR…

One of today’s most recognizable players for the Cleveland Cavaliers, J.R. Smith, has made headlines for almost everything other than his hustle and extreme skill set on the basketball court. His notorious NBA bad boy persona consisting of late night partying, women, and all-out brawls, proved to be casual tabloid conversation. But, since his run-ins with the law and the loss of someone who meant the world to him, he’s learned his lessons and turned over a new leaf. Now, he is a loving father, a philanthropist, a reliable teammate and engaged to his sweetheart. It’s time to get to know “The Real J.R. Smith,” and it all starts at home.


There’s never been a better time to follow this controversial sports celebrity, he’s truly a great guy, misunderstood; and he is playing in the NBA Finals.

Oh yea, J.R. Smith promised his girlfriend and mother of his daughter, Shirley that they will get married after the NBA Finals and it will be taped for the show.

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