Netflix original show, Orange Is The New Black is gearing up for a new season. Known for it’s raw and edgy episodes, the upcoming season is going to be addressing some real world issues. While the show is based off a true story, creator Jenji Kohan AND writers have found a way to incorporate the Black Lives Matter movement.

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Set to premiere on June 17,2016, Orange Is The New Black will discuss transgender injustice, the spread of racial tensions and more, will be featured in the upcoming season. Displaying culture wars, over-crowded prisons, brutality and racial injustice against inmates. This won’t be Kohan’s, first time address news headlines through the show either. In 2015, episodes reflected the movement was getting the “television” treatment and also transgender brutality. The way Jenji is using her show as a platform to raise awareness to societal issues in a new era way.

Source: Hollywood Reporter